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Optimistic, Brave, Aspirational, Moving Anecdotes

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In keeping with the literary device challenge, I am choosing Memoir for the alphabet ‘M’. In this post, I list my favorite three points from the bestselling memoir of all times- Michelle Obama’s memoir “Becoming”. These are also helpful lessons that anyone can learn from the woman who is a beacon of hope and dignity for millions across the world.

Be Your Own Standard

The former First Lady is a graduate of Yale and Princeton. She has worked in corporate settings, for nonprofits and champions various causes even today. She was former President Barack Obama’s senior at work at one point. …

What you should check for too!

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On the last day of the months, as the night progresses- I do this activity that fills me with excitement and anxiety.

I check my stats!

Before you roll your eyes in disbelief, yes, I check my stats only once a month.

But my notifications, ah! That is a whole different thing altogether. (Hee-hee!) That’s why I use my phone- the go/no-go style is so much better on my trusty iPhone.

But I digress.

I like to look at my stats because it shows me the details for the full month. I don’t know what time zone Medium follows, but…

Aka response to July interview questions

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This post is a response to the excellent July Interview Questions by Lucy Dan 蛋小姐 (she/her/她). I love her prompts as they get me writing and more importantly reflecting on different themes and philosophies. I had a lot of fun with June’s questions on idea generation, relationships and culture- so I am eager to try this month’s set as well.

Without further ado, here we go:

[1] If you could go back to the beginning of your writing career, however far back that is, what is one tip you would give yourself?

Start writing.

Start Publishing.

Start sharing.

When I began, I used to write on and off. When I began consistently blogging, I barely shared. Like many newbies, I held back for a variety of…

Aha- now there's a post every mom should read. I totally love how beautifully you have verbalized it!

And I agree, why doesn't society get that moms can love their babies despite not liking what it does to our bodies? Our (very legit) moans about the hard parts is not complaining or resentment- it's just a fact, a statement. But nope, since it goes against that "Motherhood is Beautiful and Sacrificing" image- it's seen as ungrateful or negative or worse, lack of ownership to our choices!

So, a marathon runner is allowed to say their legs are frozen after a…

Not all Superheroes Wear Capes

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This thank-you note is for those folks who do kind things for moms. Not moms they know, but random moms they come across.

Mothers have to put up a lot what with the mommy wars, mommy shaming, bias against women, and all the general disservice to mothers. Parenting is hard by itself without adding these layers of challenge levels.

As a person who has firsthand encountered strangers being kind to me, with no expectations or even a pause for receiving a heartfelt thanks and has heard of other moms also receiving such lovely experiences; I want to write this thank…

Medium Lists- an improved Version of Medium Series?

Ever since Lists was rolled out, I have been reading about the many use cases of this feature. Particularly useful is Tom…

All in one simple app

I am an avid reader. I read a lot. I also talk about books to my friends and relations, especially other bookworms. Naturally then, I get plenty of book recommendations. In fact, I received a few on Twitter, and plenty here on Medium. Thanks Ann Venkataraman , Vishnu*s Virtues , Anangsha Alammyan, Akarsh Nalawade among others for your excellent suggestions.

Over the years I have developed a simple method to ensure that these recommendations are in one place and I can easily access them while buying or borrowing my next read.

And if you are a regular reader, you might…

Playing editor and Curator!

In the third week of my reading challenge, I have been reading stories and articles from the publication Moms Don’t Have Time to Write.

Strong, funny, thought provoking, the publication’s writers and articles take you through a roller coaster of emotions, like parenting does.

The first article that I really enjoyed and felt resonated a lot with me was where on inter generational dynamics amid the pandemic. Growing up in India, I relate to this and even started to get nostalgic.

The next one spoke about maintaining an optimistic outlook while Writing:

Another excellent piece of advice came from their…

Turning Failures into Stepping Stones

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We all know the drill of a 404. There we are reading some article or web page. We follow the hyperlinked trail and suddenly, instead of an interesting piece of Internet delight, we reach a blank page.

The annoying words 404 error leap out and an unhelpful “Page not found” message mocks us.

But once in a while, you come across a page that simply blows your mind and makes even a missing page seem like a good idea.

Like Medium did for me recently. When following a link from a trusted newsletter, I landed on a page that did…

Gratitude for Music Lessons

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This is a thank you note for my music lessons.

Growing up in Mumbai, I learned Indian classical music for eight years of the Carnatic vocal style. I am not a great singer but I do have a good ear and a loud happy voice.

And while I hated practicing, the lessons and songs have been more useful than my tween/teenager self ever imagined.

Some of the beautiful ways it’s been a blessing are listed below:

  • The best use case has been my ability to sing. To reiterate, I am not great but I know with some practice; I can…


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