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Optimistic, Brave, Aspirational, Moving Anecdotes

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In keeping with the literary device challenge, I am choosing Memoir for the alphabet ‘M’. In this post, I list my favorite three points from the bestselling memoir of all times- Michelle Obama’s memoir “Becoming”. These are also helpful lessons that anyone can learn from the woman who is a beacon of hope and dignity for millions across the world.

Be Your Own Standard

The former First Lady is a graduate of Yale and Princeton. She has worked in corporate settings, for nonprofits and champions various causes even today. She was former President Barack Obama’s senior at work at one point. …

What you should check for too!

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On the last day of the months, as the night progresses- I do this activity that fills me with excitement and anxiety.

I check my stats!

Before you roll your eyes in disbelief, yes, I check my stats only once a month.

But my notifications, ah! That is a whole different thing altogether. (Hee-hee!) That’s why I use my phone- the go/no-go style is so much better on my trusty iPhone.

But I digress.

I like to look at my stats because it shows me the details for the full month. I don’t know what time zone Medium follows, but…

Easing back into the Writing Habit

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Is it only me that is flabbergasted that September is half up? Where is time flying?

Time hurtling forward aside, the truth of the matter is that I have unfortunately not written a single word this month on Medium. And I want to change that.

And hence, this ‘pledge post’.

The Why

Obviously, I want to restart the writing habit I had carefully built up earlier. The past month was so full of changes- the kiddo resumed school, many thankfully harmless but annoying germs came home, my MBA coursework stayed exciting but logistically challenging, and the toddler officially entered Terrible Twos.


Learning from July

As we cross the midpoint of August, it’s well past time that I looked at my July stats and insights.

Here are some facts and lessons:

  • I wrote 21 posts in all. I self published 12 posts in all.
  • My most surprising article was about 404 error pages on Medium. Medium’s error pages are an excellent example of transforming frustration over a broken link and not finding the page we wanted to an opportunity to delight a customer with what the whole point of Medium is- have people reading, discovering ideas and finding intellectual gold.
  • My most viewed article and…

Because doing nothing is easier said than done!

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Today’s thank you notes are for my friend who told me that today is National Lazy Day! And for the day itself, and thank you to the person who created it.

Really! It is a legitimately recognized day. Truly!

You can Google the veracity of this nugget if you like, but that would mean taking action. In the spirit of this legit day, you should totally just accept it as fact and take my word for it.

A lazy day is not possible really in today’s times. I also am mom to two, so my celebration was to simply sit…

Reading Challenge Week 4

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This article has been stewing in my drafts for a while now. It’s a list of five amazing articles I read in a new publication I was introduced to. The pub itself is not new, simply new to me.

A roundup of five of my fav articles should ideally be a quickly published story but given the topic, there were so many points that I simply could not get over. Some inspired me while some made me glum. Here are those thought-provoking stories from History of Women:

The first was a hilarious account of vintage ads for women:

Unfortunately, sexism…

Results of my 30-Day Challenge

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When July began, I joined the 30-day challenge over here in a public, bold declaration. I was shooting for the stars. With July over, it’s time to review the good, bad, and ugly.

The Challenge

The main rules of my challenge were:

  • write and submit 30 articles in 31 days
  • Submit to at least 7 different publications in the month and not more than once a week to the same publication.
  • Excluded publications were my own publication as well as the Book Chapters publication I am part of. (Since I wanted to write more!)

Goals and Objectives

I had very…

Pondering over the measures of writing success

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Have you ever wondered about what the yardstick is to measure our worth as a writer? I frequently ponder over this question.

And the more I contemplate, the more parameters occur to me.

For instance, is it by the content we write? The topics? The quality?

I don’t write about injustices or spout uncomfortable truths (not as the main points at least) or delve into technical subjects. My writing then is fluff as it is only entertaining and at best informative.

Reading Time? My stories rarely exceed 4 minutes so I can’t use this measure either. 😞

Maybe by reads…

Aka response to July interview questions

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This post is a response to the excellent July Interview Questions by Lucy Dan 蛋小姐 (she/her/她). I love her prompts as they get me writing and more importantly reflecting on different themes and philosophies. I had a lot of fun with June’s questions on idea generation, relationships and culture- so I am eager to try this month’s set as well.

Without further ado, here we go:

[1] If you could go back to the beginning of your writing career, however far back that is, what is one tip you would give yourself?

Start writing.

Start Publishing.

Start sharing.

When I began, I used to write on and off. When I began consistently blogging, I barely shared. Like many newbies, I held back for a variety of…


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