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Optimistic, Brave, Aspirational, Moving Anecdotes

In keeping with the literary device challenge, I am choosing Memoir for the alphabet ‘M’. In this post, I list my favorite three points from the bestselling memoir of all times- Michelle Obama’s memoir “Becoming”. These are also helpful lessons that anyone can learn from the woman who is a beacon of hope and dignity for millions across the world.

Be Your Own Standard

The former First Lady is a graduate of Yale and Princeton. She has worked in corporate settings, for nonprofits and champions various causes even today. She was former President Barack Obama’s senior at work at one point. …

What you should check for too!

On the last day of the months, as the night progresses- I do this activity that fills me with excitement and anxiety.

I check my stats!

Before you roll your eyes in disbelief, yes, I check my stats only once a month.

But my notifications, ah! That is a whole different thing altogether. (Hee-hee!) That’s why I use my phone- the go/no-go style is so much better on my trusty iPhone.

But I digress.

I like to look at my stats because it shows me the details for the full month. I don’t know what time zone Medium follows, but…

To all the 2000+ ranked writers

Hey you! Dear Fellow Writer perusing Medium,

Did you click on this article precisely because the reality of not being in the top writers of Medium smack?

Is not making the cut holding you back from writing?

Are your insecurities feeling insurmountable?

Medium paid its best writers nice (or was it?) bonuses the past two months. Has your not making that list now put you in Analysis Paralysis? (Don’t worry buddy- I didn’t get it either.)

This post is neither a complaint nor a secret sauce recipe. …

Techniques in Fiction

This post explores the theme of “ Madness” in Agatha Christie's novels, similar to the central theme in the Hercule Poirot story ‘ The Cretan Bull ‘.

Agatha Christie is a master at using madness, temporary and permanent to craft stories that scare, intrigue, and mislead. The Queen of Crime used the template in many stories and novels.

- In 3 Blind Mice, a childhood tragedy morphs a young boy into a villainous psycho. The trick to unmask him was to unravel who he had become.

- In Pocket Full of Rye, an old vengeful streak is…

Tactics that work- minimal effort and enterprise required!

Are you an avid bookworm? Do you enjoy hunting for books?

And do you love getting free books?

Then, without much dallying, let’s jump into these methods by which you can score great books from your favorite authors for free!

Goodreads Giveaways

Goodreads hosts giveaways for books, ebooks, audiobooks on their site. All you need is to log in, head over to the Giveaways section and then enter yourself.

Yes, it is indeed as simple as that.

You can filter by the genres, so the task is an easy job. …

Measuring May- of Metrics and Milestones

Another new month and brand new Sunday is up upon us. That for me means reflecting on the month that passed and analyzing what worked and what did not.

My best article of the month was definitely the one on Michelle Obama’s Becoming. Claps, responses, private messages, it sparked a good amount of conversations here and on Twitter. Considering we are here to be heard and be visible- this was my my clear winner of the month.

The next article that really garnered a lot of views simply because of social sharing was this article on Packback and writing about…

Analysis by a Book Lover

Inspired by Agatha Christie’s Labors of Hercules, today’s post is an analysis of books that deal with “Deception”.

Deception is an obvious and strong vein in any thriller and crime fiction. And of course, none nail the element as amazingly as the Queen of Crime.

Noteworthy examples are of course:

  • Of Parker Pyne's short stories, House at Shiraz and Gates of Baghdad are amazing stories that cleverly work on the concept of deception but for the main character and villain respectively. It’s amazing how she used the same element but with a contrary spin.
  • The Affair of the Victory Ball…

Whittle down what images Attract your Audience

As bloggers and writers competing with short attention spans and swift, merciless scrolling habits, a captivating header image is a powerful way to hold our reader’s attention.

With multiple free sources of images, the problem is not that we do not have good professional quality images available for free. The trouble is that we often select images that seem great given the overall content. But then when our views falter, we wonder:

Was the photo compelling enough?

Should I have opted for a more clickbait version?

My image matches the article but does it match the title? …


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